About Us

The Guilty Way is here to provide you the most interesting, exotic, eye-catching, instagram-able dessert for your special occasion. First up, we've created Singapore one and only customisable macaron ice cream sandwich, which we called it the Macwich!
Every party needs Instagram-worthy food – be it your birthday party, wedding, showroom, launch party, baby shower or any other special occasion, and when you’ve got a combination of two all-time favourite desserts in one, you know your guests won’t be leaving without having a taste (or snap) of these. With both of our catering services, you’ll get to customise your MACWICH, right down to the icecream flavours, macaron colours, and dippings/toppings.

We do both personal and corporate events, so if you’ve got a special day or event coming up, just drop us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss what you need.